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New Courses/Neue Kurse Fall/Winter 2014/2015

The ABC of Better Business Writing
Words are a powerful tool for every business person. A well-written report can convince your superior to allocate your project budget. A snappy e-mail can spark enthusiasm for your new team project. A good letter can trigger an immediate customer response.
Yet, the more each one of us has to write in their daily business, the less we seem to be trained and instructed on how to do it well.
Discover two effective methods for writing more engaging, more convincing texts. Organized by Curious Courses; date: October 16; time: 19:00-21:30; location: Zurich.
In GERMAN: upon request, please contact

Advanced Business Writing
This course builds on The ABC of Better Business Writing. Taking the participants` wishes and most pressing problems into account, we will dig deeper into e-mail, proposals, minutes etc. Participants will be asked to provide real life examples to work on.
Saturday, January 24, 2015; time: appr. 9:00-16:30; location: Zurich costs: CHF 240.-
In GERMAN: upon request, please contact

Rhymes and Rhythms
Have fun with poetry old and new, serious and silly, play around with rhymes and rhythms and find out how much of a wordsmith you truly are.

Full day or evening course: Spring 2015; time: appr. 9:00-16:30/19:00-21:30; location: Zurich; costs: CHF 240.-/100.-
In GERMAN: upon request, please contact

Ready, Set, Write!

Would you love to be a writer? Do you enjoy writing letters, e-mails, or facebook entries? Did you use to write a lot when you were younger but for some reason stopped? Have you always dreamed about writing a novel but never dared try? Do you keep a diary and would like to try something new? Is there a writing project you would love to tackle but don’t know how to get started? Or would you just like to spend an evening having fun writing? Then this course is for you!

We’ll be reading some, writing more, sharing and discussing if you like. There`ll be
playful writing exercises; tips and tricks from a seasoned writer and writing coach; inspiration from great authors and …. chocolate! No former experience needed.

Full day or evening course: Spring 2015 (time: appr. 9:00-16:30/19:00-21:30; location: Zurich; costs: CHF 240.-/100.-)
In GERMAN: upon request, please contact

Writing a Memoir
Writing a memoir is like leaving your children and children`s children a treasure chest of memories. It`s probably the most valuable gift they`ll ever receive. Because every life is unique, and every life story is worth telling.
In this course, you will learn how to structure your work, how to get started, how to write vividly and engagingly, and how to turn your memoir into a photo-book, an e-book or a book on demand.
Two whole weekends will give you the necessary instruction and guidance for the writing process.

Since 2011, I have helped dozens of first time authors to write their memoirs. Here`s what some participants said about my courses:
«Competence combined with empathy and intense listening.»
«Very real-life and hands-on.»
«Loving, accepting, encouraging atmosphere.»
«Great theoretical structure of the course, very well and understandably explained, very good practical exercises.»
«Positive, motivating course instructor.»
«Clear, enlightening information that motivated me to write.»
«If only the course time hadn`t gone by so fast!»
«After just one day, I am capable of starting my book project, writing the first chapters and finding a well-structured outline. I`ve untangled the knot!»
«Atmosphere, content, structure and form of the course: very good!»

Four day course:
Saturday + Sunday, October 11+12, 2014; time: appr. 9:00-16:30; location: Zurich
Saturday + Sunday, November 22 + 23, 2014; time: appr. 9:00-16:30; location: Zurich
min. 5, max. 12 participants
costs: CHF 997.-

Lebensgeschichten schreiben
Erinnerungen sind wie eine Schatzkiste, und die eigene Lebensgeschichte aufzuschreiben ist vielleicht das wertvollste Geschenk, das man seinen Kindern und Kindeskindern machen kann.
Denn jedes Leben ist einzigartig, und jede Lebensgeschichte ist es wert, aufgeschrieben zu werden.
Seit 2011 habe ich bereits Dutzenden von Neu-Autoren geholfen, ihre Lebensgeschichte niederzuschreiben. Hier ein paar Feedbacks zu meinen Kursen:
«Kompetenz gepaart mit Einfühlungsvermögen und genauem Hinhören.»
«Sehr praxisbezogen.»
«Sehr guter theoretischer Aufbau, gut und verständlich erklärt, sehr gute praktische Übungen.»
«Aufbauende, liebevolle, akzeptierende Atmosphäre.»
«Positive und motivierende Kursleitung.»
«Klare, aufschlussreiche Informationen, die mich zum Schreiben motivieren.»
«Sympathische und kompetente Art der Vermittlung. Danke!»
«Wäre der Kurstag doch nur nicht so schnell vorbei gewesen!»
«Nach nur einem Kurstag bin ich in der Lage, mit meinem Projekt zu starten, erste Kapitel zu schreiben und einen gut gegliederten Aufbau zu finden. Das Knäuel hat sich entwirrt!»
«Atmosphäre, Inhalte, Struktur und Aufbau des Kurses: sehr gut!»

Vier volle Kurstage:
Samstag + Sonntag, 8. + 9. November 2014; Zeit: 9:00-16:30; Ort: Zürich
Samstag + Sonntag, 6. + 7. Dezember 2014; Zeit: 9:00-16:30; Ort: Zürich
min. 5, max. 12 participants
Kosten: CHF 997.-
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